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Got my ass kicked and other stories

I've managed to stay out of he hospital so far.  Yesterday, Mothers Day, has been the worst of it. I am sure I am dehydrated and anemic although my nail beds are still a bit pink.  Heart rate is up and blood pressure is down so I am taking things very easy.  Still squeezy and have loose stools (TMI I know), but better living thru chemistry.

For some reason I didn't think I would feel this crappy. I got my ass handed to me on a spoon lol.  Probably payback for thinking chemo wasn't so bad that first time around..  Oh yeah, my mouth is also getting sore and had to break out the nystatin solution.  Gross.

My microwave decided to take a crap on me too. Not a cheap micro and its already been fixed once. Grrrrrrr.  My laptop is not hooking up to WiFi for some reason and my desktop keyboard cracked out on me too. Doing this post on my Kindle and its not typing friendly as it constantly wants to change words.

Tomorrow is doctor day.  Labs etc.  Hoping I feel a bit better tomorrow.

Thinking of all of you.....

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Wow. when it rains it pours! I've been going through mess, too, but not like that! Praying things will calm down. Get Geek Squad - it is $100 a year and it will take care a lot of your computer problems. I have it and they have saved me all kinds of money cuz being computer unsaavy and get hit with viruses and stuff all the time. I am practically on first name basis with quite a few agents! :D
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Sounds like all the bad things are happening at once, I'm sorry about that. You're right, you just have to take it easy and look after yourself x
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When it rains, it pours! I'm hoping all your labs and the doctor visit goes well for you.
Hoping things are better for you! Just joined this lovely club of fighters. Chemo sucks big time!
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chemo. again.

Had my first round of chemo Wednesday. Actually I guess this is the first round of chemo the third time lol. I should be old hat at this but......

Also got Neulasta injection yesterday. In the past I've started feeling nasty Friday and end up in the hospital Saturday. I'm hoping this doesn't happen this time.  Especially since my house is hosting mothers day lol.  My kids are doing everything, I'm just attending. Should have around 20 people including kids.  I would much rather everyone come here where I am comfy and can be sick if I need to.  Hate the thought of going somewhere.

So.....starting to feel a bit queezy and have been taking my Zofran since Wednesday.  Will add Compazine today.  Crossing my fingers.

Oh yeah...woke up Monday with eyes almost swollen shut.  Seasonal allergies suck.  Was put on steroids 2 days earlier than I expected and now have steroid face.  Blech! Done with steroids till next round of chemo.  Yay.

Must start the days hydration.......Thinking of all of you.



Texas Jeff threw a punch at your cancer.
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Ugh! I'm hoping the Compazine will help a bit! Don't blame you at all for not wanting to go anywhere. Hope you'll be able to enjoy Mother's Day!
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Happy Mothers Day my friend. Praying you will feel good to great and have a wonderful day! As always in my prayers and sending you a huge hug!
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Happy Mothers Day Dawn..sounds like a great celebration:) Praying for your healing my friend hugs and love and always prayers Sabina
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